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1. Ideal durability:

Aluminum is the most durable material by mass of all other metals. When used to produce aluminum door products, this material will help your door be durable and stable over time, minimizing the possibility of warping and deformation when subjected to impacts as well as other impacts. other external forces. This is a remarkable advantage of aluminum doors. By equipping them for the family apartment, security concerns will be immediately dispelled. Sustainable aluminum doors over the years always ensure the safety of your beloved home where you live. Of course, this ideal durability also makes it convenient for homeowners to use, almost without the need for regular maintenance and repair, saving time, effort and money for customers.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance:

Equipment surfaces coated with aluminum oxide are still generally considered to be the most resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the rapid formation of aluminum oxide, the material minimizes the penetration of gases, water and chemicals into the interior. Thus, doors manufactured from aluminum are optimally protected against the effects of abrasion and oxidation caused by the environment and harsh tropical weather. Of course, aluminum doors always give the impression of being shiny, clean and beautiful, without fading or yellowing over time. Besides, aluminum doors also create less traces on the surface such as scratches, cracks, maintaining luxurious and delicate beauty. Therefore, aluminum doors are quite suitable for rooms that need clean, bright and friendly spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Visitors will surely feel comfortable when entering such a bright, pleasant space.

3. Suitable for coating use:

Through the plating process, aluminum is very suitable for coating. Because of this advantage, aluminum doors are often extremely eye-catching with rich and diverse paint colors, creating excitement and wide choice for consumers in the market. Currently, on the market, aluminum doors appear with countless designs and vibrant colors, different from the limitations of some other types of doors such as glass doors, steel core plastic doors, copper doors. Not only creating beautiful and attractive product designs, the aluminum coating also has good durability, helping the paint to last over the years, as clear and brilliant as the first days. This is a feature that ensures the aesthetics of this type of door. When using aluminum doors, customers can completely choose their favorite color, helping the house to have a personal impression.

4. Save many kinds of costs for customers:

Although aluminum is more expensive, it is only 1/3 as light as steel, helping to save the maximum cost, time and effort of transportation for customers. Of course, human power and mobilization of large trucks to transport doors will also be limited to the maximum. Compared with anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation materials such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, they completely dominate the price competition, helping users save relatively money on the cost of buying a new family apartment. Not only that, using aluminum doors, users will not need to spend too much money on repair because the door is less damaged, less scratched, the paint color is always fresh over time, limiting staining. Both affordable and durable, aluminum doors can be considered an almost optimal choice for every household.

5. Easy to recycle:

Few people know that aluminum is 100% recyclable without losing its natural properties or composition. Therefore, when the door is damaged or no longer needed, aluminum can be recycled to produce new equipment and tools that are useful to daily life. This feature both saves material costs in production and contributes to environmental protection, reducing emissions generated by used materials. Using aluminum doors, you can also contribute to limiting the greenhouse effect, maintaining a green, clean and beautiful living environment for yourself, your family and those around you.

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