Some advantages of aluminum and glass doors compared to traditional doors

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Some advantages of aluminum and glass doors compared to traditional doors

- Aluminum doors are strong, more durable than plastic doors many times. With the weather conditions of Vietnam, aluminum and glass doors are especially suitable for the system of front doors, windows where the location is frequently exposed to sunshine, rain, wind, dust...

Aluminum doors do not crack, shrink, warp or deform like plastic doors and wooden doors.

- With crazy powder coating technology, aluminum doors are durable in all weathers and climates. According to actual product testing, aluminum doors achieve very high color fastness, longer than the life of the building.

– Aluminum doors are capable of withstanding wind pressure up to 36m/s (equivalent to hurricane force level 12 in Vietnam).

– Aluminum doors have extremely high tightness, preventing the ingress of dirt and water thanks to the EPDM gasket system combined with synchronous metal accessories. That tight seal also helps to save maximum power consumption for air conditioners and heaters because of low air circulation. Tightness also provides perfect sound insulation for aluminum doors, helping to reduce noise from outside for a quiet home.

– In terms of design, aluminum doors are no different from wooden doors and plastic doors because they are covered with a layer of wood grain paint or powder coated according to new technology with optional colors. While plastic has only one color, white, aluminum is very diverse in color, so it is easy to combine with other interior and exterior items of the building to bring high aesthetics when used.

– With the bathroom, aluminum and glass doors are not afraid of water like wood, and are more beautiful and durable than plastic doors.

- Besides, aluminum and glass doors also relieve homeowners of painting and repair, because with this type of door, just normal cleaning will immediately have beautiful bright as new doors. And plastic doors with time and temperature in Vietnam will lead to shrinkage, cracking. So rain water will easily seep into the inner steel core, causing rust to reduce door quality. After a period of use, plastic doors may become yellowed, then cleaning is very time consuming and certainly cannot be as bright as the old one.

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