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Aluminum alu is a material that is relatively popular in today's life. It is the characteristics of aluminum alu that make this material a popular application material in life. Let's learn more about alu to know its structure, types and advantages and disadvantages.

Alu, also known as aluminium, is a type of aluminum-plastic alloy, the inside is plastic, the outside is inlaid aluminum with a core with a super durable glue. The plastic core layer is fireproof, the surface is powder coated with many different colors so that in different applications consumers can choose the most suitable color. The thickness of alu also varies from 0.3 - 1 cm, depending on the different use locations so you can choose a compatible thickness alu.

1. Structure of alu
 An alu sheet is composed of many layers with different properties and advantages, those layers include:


  • The coating film helps to protect the decorative surface of the aluminum sheet

  • Aluminum front panel has the advantage of anti-corrosion, each layer is about 0.5 mm . thick

  • Multi-molecular adhesive layer

  • Polyethylene core, which is 3mm thick flame retardant plastic with H81 flame retardant base resin core

  • Aluminum back cover

  • Paint the back of the plastic sheet.


Thanks to such a structure, alu aluminum panels are usually fireproof, heat resistant and waterproof, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors.


2. Classification of alu
 With the development of modern machinery to meet the needs of users, alu aluminum is produced with many types:

- Outdoor alu: Outdoor alu has light characteristics, many different colors, often used to cover the surface of buildings, make partitions or make outdoor alu signs. Due to the frequent impact of weather and natural climate, this type of alu is often designed with high strength, good bearing capacity, waterproof and high corrosion resistance.

- Indoor alu are alu sheets used for indoor cladding, interior decoration and less affected by the external environment, usually have a thinner thickness than outdoor cleaning and are also cheaper. . However, indoor alu requires more aesthetics than outdoor alu.

- Fireproof alu has a different core structure than outdoor and indoor alu, the fireproof fault is plastic or aluminum that does not catch fire, this type of alu has a higher cost than normal alu and is used for constructions and projects. large scale and requires high security.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of alu
3.1. Advantages

  • Alu is used for houses, shops, shops, companies, offices, buildings to insulate, soundproof, decorate beautifully and luxuriously, so it is used in many fields of construction, advertising, interior decoration...

  • Alu is light, elastic, does not mold or moss like paint, but still ensures a variety of colors, designed so that users can easily choose the most suitable color.

  • Alu can withstand good weather, so when making outdoor signs, outdoor facades, alu can ensure the longevity of the work.

  • Because of its light weight, alu can be easily constructed and transported, without spending a lot of time and manpower in construction. Therefore, the overall construction price of alu is much cheaper than other materials.


3.2. Disadvantages of alu
Besides the advantages, alu still has some disadvantages such as when the façade is removed, the alu cannot be reused because they are only compatible with the previous façade, moreover, alu is attached quite tightly, so the dismantling alu will be very difficult. However, you only need to pay attention to the design before construction to avoid damage to be able to overcome this shortcoming.

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