The benefits that steel core plastic doors bring

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The benefits that steel core plastic doors bring

Doors are an indispensable product for a home, it both protects our house from illegal intrusion and creates a luxurious beauty for our house.

With normal materials, after a while, the door will warp, rust or be nested by destructive organisms such as ants... However, with a new solution, this can be prevented very effectively. is to use high quality steel core plastic doors.

With superior design and technical characteristics, extremely high durability will bring satisfaction to customers when using.

1. Sound insulation ability:

According to statistics in the world, noise seriously affects health, especially children's ears, if they are too noisy for a period of time, they will lose the ability to hear the surrounding sounds and their psychology will also be affected. serious way. These noises combined will make people able to concentrate very much need a quiet space to think and absorb. Or simply do not want those messy sounds to affect daily life. So how to prevent noise. The main door is the main soundproofing part, the door prevents sound from the outside of the house.

Steel core plastic doors or uPVC doors are known for their good sound insulation, blocking direct sound sources to improve quality of life. With steel-core plastic doors, noise is minimized because plastic doors have excellent soundproofing properties and it is even more effective if glass is used, which is suitable for most of the building's soundproofing requirements. .With materials and tight rubber gaskets, the short steel core plastic door is soundproof to the outside.

2. Antioxidant capacity:

Steel core plastic doors are not termite, rotten, yellowed, warped or deformed like wooden doors, iron doors ...

3.Convenient to use, save open space

The steel core plastic window system allows the door to be opened in 2 directions to enhance the ability to take advantage of natural ventilation. With a narrow space, the sliding door can be used to save open space, in rainy places. You can use the window to open up….

4. Fire resistance

Fire prevention and fire safety is an urgent need today, when you build your house, you should also consider this option, which is indispensable to protect safety and property.

Thanks to this feature, when using steel-core plastic doors to reduce risks and damage in the event of an accident, fire, steel-core plastic doors do not ignite, but only re-sun. Environmentally friendly because the plastic material can be recycled up to 10 times.

5. High Durability

Upvc is a very durable material used for plumbing and drainage for at least 100 years. Therefore, the service life of uPVC doors is relatively high and has been tested in advanced countries in the world. And in addition, upvc doors are also tested against ultraviolet rays to ensure that they do not fade or fade in the harsh sunlight.

6. Low maintenance

Upvc window frames do not need to be painted, or repaired, greatly reducing the maintenance required during use. And easy to clean with water and detergent.

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