The outstanding advantages of aluminum and glass office partitions

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The outstanding advantages of aluminum and glass office partitions

Building a modern, rich interior space that shows constant creativity is what everyone is aiming for. To own the most convenient and easy-to-use space, people are constantly looking for smart solutions. One of the preferred options is aluminum and glass partitions.

Structure of aluminum and glass mobile partitions vách
- Mobile wall:

The movable wall of the aluminum glass mobile partition is made of tempered glass. Usually, the thickness of the movable wall depends on the customer's requirements, usually the thickness is from 10mm - 12mm, or it can be thicker according to reality or can also make an aluminum frame around or not. The tempered glass mobile wall can be transparent glass or add decorative decals. Or use tempered glass with different colors, but usually bright colors, not too colorful.

The movable wall panels are clamped by specialized aluminum clamps designed specifically for the glass movable partition system. These panels are linked together by pins in the clamping position or by floor dowels. Movable partitions are designed for easy movement, creating a dynamic space for the office. Mobile walls with KSnh should have the effect of taking in light, creating a more spacious feeling than using wooden partitions or concrete walls.

- Space ceiling:

This is the part used to connect the ceiling of the building with the wall rail. The space ceiling is made of solidly reinforced V-bars with anti-rust paint and linked on top by iron expansion bolts.

- Rail part:

This is also the connection between the ceiling of the building and the wall surface. The rail system is made of aluminum alloy with high bearing capacity, the rails are connected to the concrete ceiling or purlins thanks to the system of suspension arms and iron bolts. Plastic rails covered with anti-shatter stainless steel. This part has the effect of holding the glass wall in place and making it possible to move the glass wall on this rail.

The advantages of aluminum and glass partitions
1. Good space division

With office space or family space that needs to be used into many different rooms, each with its own uses, it is very necessary to divide and divide rooms. Aluminum glass partition is perfectly designed with the combination of the upper glass wall and the lower aluminum wall. The aluminum profile and tempered glass wall - bearing capacity and heat resistance, good sound insulation, can use clear glass or frosted glass, is a suitable solution to divide the space. Depending on the needs of using the area of ​​each room to be able to use appropriate partition panels. When using aluminum and glass partitions, you are not limited in terms of use area, you can completely divide the room, divide the location according to your needs.

2. Maximum space saving

Depending on the needs of the user and the actual space to choose different types of glass cornice partitions. With a thickness of 10mm, 12mm or 30mm is a very small number compared to the space of the office. You will see the superiority of the thickness of the aluminum and glass partitions compared to the concrete walls or the bulky wooden cabinets used to separate the room. This thickness allows to maximize the use of space. However, the solidity of the partition will absolutely not make you doubt.

3. Flexibility to move

With aluminum and glass partitions, the space can change continuously during the renewal process, or simply satisfy the aesthetics. Especially for business offices that are in the process of starting a business. With mounting by screw holes into the wall, it is completely removable to move to different locations. Old partitions can also be reused and renewed when used in new locations. No need to worry about breaking, building or repairing as fixed walls, aluminum and glass partitions completely meet the mobility of the situation.

4. Ensure aesthetics

It is completely possible to transform aluminum and glass partition panels with different shapes to achieve high aesthetics. It will not be monotonous raw materials from aluminum and glass, you can paste the Decal to make the wall more beautiful and also ensure more privacy. The aluminum part can be electrostatically sprayed with different patterns or wood grain patterns to both ensure the durability of the walls and increase the modern elegance for each room.

With its outstanding advantages, this will certainly be a friendly product that always accompanies the modernization of all interior spaces.

5. Good insulation

Aluminum and glass partitions will help reduce the amount of heat from the outside environment absorbed into the room as well as reduce the amount of heat from the room being diffused to the surrounding environment. Therefore, it will help to keep the space as fresh and airy as possible.

In addition, with the insulation of aluminum and glass walls, your company also saves electricity for cooling the space, thereby reducing monthly electricity consumption.

6. Good sound insulation

Toughened glass is a material with good sound insulation, so glass partitions are very suitable for spaces that need tranquility such as meeting rooms, offices for people who need concentration.

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