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Aluminum and glass facade, Alu

Aluminum and glass facade 02

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+ Used in the design of buildings with hi-tech architecture: office buildings, commercial centers, high-rise buildings.
+ Conforms to European standards on sound insulation, heat insulation, tightness (anti-wind, water, air) to ensure natural light.
+ Diverse designs, suitable for many types of architecture, high aesthetics.
+ Simple and compact construction.
+ Light load, good bearing capacity and high durability.
+ Economical in use: saving electricity costs for air conditioning systems, maintenance and cleaning.
+ Create comfort, closeness to nature thanks to the ability to connect space.
+ Suitable for all weather conditions, blocking the impact of UV rays.

Composition material

+ Profiled aluminum profiles (door frames, wing frames) are supplied from leading corporations in the world such as SCHUECO, Akotherm (Germany), ...
+ Gasket system made from anti-aging EPDM material, ensuring tightness.
+ High-grade glass of SADO GROUP (safety glass, tempered glass, glass box...).


+ Aluminum and glass facades are used in the design of buildings with hi-tech architecture such as:
      * Office buildings, commercial centers, buildings
      * Colleges and universities; hospital, hotel
+ Used as a dividing wall between working rooms to create a comfortable atmosphere, but still close between people


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