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Aluminum and glass wall

Aluminum and glass wall

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Today, when entering large and small office buildings, we must be no stranger to the image of partition panels made of aluminum and glass. These aluminum and glass wall panels are widely applied from the workplace: separating departments from each other in the office or separating factories…. to a private house: separating the living room from the kitchen, separating the bedroom….

This is a widely used product because it has many preeminent features that traditional partitions such as brick walls, cement walls... can't do. Aluminum and glass partitions have the following outstanding features:

  • Using aluminum and glass partitions helps to make the room luxurious but light and dynamic for the modern office. Aluminum and glass partitions help offices and houses to get a lot of natural light.
  • Aluminum and glass partitions are not only durable, strong, but also highly aesthetic. Depending on the type of glass, the type of aluminum has its own outstanding characteristics: sound insulation, good heat insulation, no warping, no deformation.
  • Aluminum and glass partitions can also be easily installed underground power lines
  • Aluminum and glass partitions are light in weight, easy to install, and have quick construction time, contributing to a significant reduction in investment costs for the design of offices. Just need a given space, we immediately have many offices that can be divided easily.
  • In the past, offices were often divided into many separate departments, which took a lot of time, but now the construction of dividing rooms is much simpler. The use of aluminum and glass partitions gives the office a professional and modern space.
  • For offices with narrow space, modest area, the use of aluminum and glass partitions is a wise choice to help the room be divided according to the right criteria without being narrow, or temporarily feeling a sense of mystery. user.

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