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Aluminum and glass facade, Alu

Facade Alu 04

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Aluminum is generally light and has 2.98 times better thermal conductivity than steel. Alu aluminum sheet is composed of 2 layers of anti-corrosion aluminum, each layer is 0.5mm thick, with an error in the middle of 3mm thick polyethylene - anti-punch plastic.

This type of material is very easy to drink or cut, etc. The highlight of ALu is its good heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and not easy to corrode in water, oil, acids and even high temperature, so its service life can be more than 10 years.

About advantages:

As a lightweight, flexible and super-durable material, aluminum sheet can be reduced by 35% in weight compared to steel and some other materials. This is considered the most outstanding advantage.

Aluminum Aluminum is very diverse in color and many different types of thickness, providing many choices for customers, meeting the actual needs of use.

As mentioned above, aluminum aluminum has the ability to endure in many different environments….especially can resist the penetration of harmful insects to the material.

About the app:

Since its appearance in the Vietnamese market, aluminum aluminum has almost dominated the market and is no stranger to housing projects, companies, advertising, .. because of its outstanding advantages compared to other materials. materials such as wood, steel... Aluminum aluminum can be used for projects such as:

  • Facades of houses, office buildings, facades, braille.
  • Making decorative ceilings, soundproofing, reducing heat, preventing fire...
  • Making advertising posters, billboards, backdrops, showroom signs, restaurants..
  • Decorate car body, ship hull, engine cover, stairs, gas station, house, welcome gate..

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