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Tempered glass door 01

Product code : CKCL01

Price : 1.800.000 VNĐ
Quality :
Hotline: 0936 456 781

Tempered glass doors, also known as tempered glass doors, are most commonly used today in Vietnam. Tempered glass doors have outstanding features and advantages that always ensure safety when using and add a luxurious beauty that no other door has. Outstanding advantages such as space saving, sound insulation, fashion and modernity. Tempered glass doors are gradually replacing other traditional doors such as iron doors, plastic doors, etc. Feeling comfortable no longer feeling cramped in space.

Features of tempered glass
- Able to bear 4-5 times more force than ordinary glass, bringing stability and absolute certainty. Resistant to strong impact.

Glass is resistant to temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Tempered glass has transparency, sophistication, bringing elegance and modernity.

With tempered glass, when impacted, the glass breaks into round, non-sharp particles.

-Fast installation: Tempered glass doors are constructed and installed quite simply.


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